Monday, September 14, 2009

Techie Gear Dork or Laziness

1. I saw Ponyo this weekend. Why is it that only Pixar can make kids movies that aren't agonizing for adults to sit through?

2. I took a sea kayaking lesson on Saturday from the UC Aquatic Center. Learned basic strokes, a few rescues, etc. I enjoyed it (especially the few minutes in which we went outside the breaks of the marina and rode a few waves) enough to think about buying their last used kayak for $300. (Despite saying you should definitely, definitely try out many kayaks before buying one, the instructor also said I could easily resell this for more than I would pay for it.) My concern is that I'm too lazy to go kayaking with any regularity. I have ignored several outdoor sports (kayaking, cycling, rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing, snowboarding, fly fishing, basically any sport that's not running/hiking) for years and viewed them as "techie gear dork" sports, meaning it was more about the machine than the man. Part of me likes the beauty of low/no-gear pursuits that don't require driving, but part of me thinks I'm just lazy. I can barely get out the door to go running, and all you have to do for that is change your shorts. If I had to put the kayak in the truck, tie it down, drive to the marina, put on a wetsuit, skirt, and spray jacket before getting started, I'd never get started. Part of me thinks it's stupid to have to drive to Tahoe to be able to do a sport (anything involving snow) and I can't get my head around the idea of "being into" a sport when you can only find the time to do it 6 times a year at most. The other part of me thinks I should get over that and that it would be rad to kayak all the way around the coast of Baja.

3. I had a mustache for about 6 hours on Friday.


  1. Personally i want to go sea kayaking in antartica ...

    the mustache is quite something ...

  2. 1) agreed.
    2) agreed.
    3) out-fracking-standing.