Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Test, Mostly

This is mostly just a test-post to see if the new feed-burning works.

I didn't get into Hardrock. I'm 189th on the waiting list, which means every single current runner would have to drop and then some, so I'm taking that as a big negatory/negatron. On the plus side, the fact that I'm even on the waiting list is proof that my alternative entry (CDT yo-yo as opposed to having finished a major mountainous 100-miler in the past two years) was accepted.

I'm still waiting on Wasatch. The drawing is in four days, and based on the number of spots, guaranteeds, and lottery entrants, I think I've got less than a 50% chance of getting it. If I don't get in there, I might have to look into a new race, the DRTE 100, outside Santa Barbara in October. It'd be easier to get to, I have an ultra-running friend in the area, and I wouldn't have to acclimatize.

So what am I going to be doing in July instead of running Hardrock? Let me ignore that question and go run some regressions in Stata. I picked up a cool method off the listserver to use the outreg command inside a foreach loop without causing file writing errors. Exciting!

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