Sunday, February 15, 2009


Sometime in the last 24 hours my blog lost its status as the #1 google result for the "garret christensen" search. No, I don't routinely self-google every single day to check, I just happen to have been horribly bored at least twice in the last 24 hours. I was worried I'd eventually lose out to the set decoration assistant for the movie Twilight with my name on imdb, but I'm still ahead of him, and instead I've lost out to one of those dumb take-up-every-single-domain-name-in-the-universe-and-put-up-a-blank-site-with-just-ads-so-we-can-extort-the-person/company-with-this-name-if-they-ever-want-it services.

I was hoping to end this post with "oh well, at least my hike naked day photo is still the number one on that search" but I just checked and that's not true either. Woe is me.


  1. Hmm, well I searched google and your blog was the #1 result

  2. You're number one on my Google everyday. Though on my Yahoo your blog is #4, BYU you is #2. Ask Jeeves you're are #1-3. On MS Live Search you are #'s 1, 5,6,7...

    My favorite search result though is on Google if you search "Garret the Onion" one of the highest ranking results is a link to "The Onion" paper with this article:

    Which is pretty awesome if you ask me, because I happen to love Gap sweaters.

  3. that's odd. how do I get the lame site as my #1? does google give different results based on location of ip address or something?

    Actually I just tried it in Safari instead of Firefox, and the other site doesn't show up at all. That's a little disconcerting.

  4. OK, maybe I'd checked to see if my potential domain name was taken before-- it was all because of something in my web-browsing history--that is, google personalizes your search results if you let them. I just turned it off and all is back to normal.

    I wonder how long it will be until Amazon charges different people different prices based on previous purchases.

  5. i too have a competition going with a prolific imdb dude--some set carpenter.