Wednesday, February 04, 2009

More on Scouts

Chron columnist Mark Morford wrote an OK column on the Boy Scouts today. I guess I harp on this because it makes me really sad. I'm proud of being an Eagle Scout, and if there were any sort of volunteer organization I would love to get involved with it'd be the Boy Scouts, except I never will because they discriminate against gays and atheists, and I can't try and change them from the inside because I fall into the latter of those two categories. I assume there's a substitute (Campfire USA?) but it's not the same. Oh, and BSA has a trademark on the word "scouts," so that complicates matters if you want to form some sort of substitute. If only they had the male analog of one of the Girl Scout slogans: "Every girl, everywhere."

On a more positive note, I met my Little Brother for the first time last week, and I started helping people file their taxes this week. I'm excited about both of those things, but that's probably the last you'll hear about them, since the point of my blog is not to tell you about other people, but to say embarrassing things that will be publicly visible on the Internet forever that make me both unemployable and unelectable. Mission accomplished.

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  1. I'd hire you. And would you ever really want to run for office?