Sunday, December 14, 2014

2015 Race Schedule

Jan 11: Tilden Orienteering (BAOC)
Jan 31: Fremont Fat Ass 50K OR Ordnance 100K
Feb 21: Montara Mountain 50K
March 7: Way Too Cool 50K (lottery)
March 21: 4MPH Challenge
April 10-11: Zion 100M or Lake Sonoma 50M (lottery)
April 18: Mokelumne 50M
May 2: MeOw! Marathons
June 6: Bone Tempest (off the radar)
June 20: SF Solstice 24 Hour
July 31/Aug 1: Tushar 100M
Aug 22: Waldo 100K (lottery)
Aug 29: Tamalpa Headlands 50k 
Sep 5: Rogaining in Henry Coe
Sep 12: Plain 100
Sep 19: IMTUF 100
Sep 25-26: The Bear 100
Oct 10-11: Euchre Bar Massacre

That would be 16 ultras, including five 100-milers, with three Hardrock qualifiers in three weeks, and three insane off-trail bushwhacking events, plus a couple orienteering events. I've never done more than 8 ultras in a year before, but I am unlikely to get picked in all the lotteries. I'm not 100% sure about all these, but I'm quite excited about many. I will be teaching a course at USF on Mondays Spring Semester, and an 8-week summer course at Cal from late June to mid-August, so that rules out trying Barkley or trying for too many summer races, but I didn't get into Hardrock or Western States anyway. I also doubt I can afford to do all these, but thankfully the majority of them are within a 3-hour drive.

Also, running friends, are you on Strava? I have avoided it until now, because of the whole Stravasshole thing, but I automatically linked my Garmin account to it a few weeks ago, and then a good hiking friend joined, and I found a handful of friends, and I'm finding it quite motivational to get an e-mail every morning saying how much further than me you all ran. So join!

UPDATE: Was picked in the Way Too Cool lottery, forgot to put in for the Lake Sonoma lottery, and added Tamalpa Headlands 50k.

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