Sunday, September 08, 2013


I saw John Prine live at the Wilmington, DE Grand Opera House last night. I went by myself, and I was probably the youngest person in the audience. That said, it was amazing. I cried. I only learned he was playing nearby (I'm equidistant from Philly and Wilmington, plus there's a cheap beer store across the state line in Delaware) from his appearance on Colbert on Thursday, which I thought was only mediocre, but made me want to see him before he got any older. I had previously never heard the two songs below.

This afternoon on the way home from my run, I realized I had no way to pay for my standard two veggie burritos, because my wallet had been ransacked. I accidentally left it in the car overnight, and accidentally left the car unlocked. $36 and three bank/credit cards gone. Thanks for leaving my driver's license. If you'd left me $13 for burritos, I wouldn't even be mad. Thus far Swarthmore Police are great and doing even more than I expected (hoping to track down video from the Best Buy and gas station where stuff was purchased today) which is great. I guess I don't live in Oakland anymore, where police won't come unless the home burglary is in progress.

I posted the Subaru for sale on Craigslist. I don't really need a car except for occasional rides to/from the airport, and they have these things called taxis, and I think this would take a little work to pass PA inspection, though the engine will probably last a while. I'll probably take it to the shop this week to get an estimate on all the repairs; if <$800, it's probably easier to just keep it--it got me across the country, after all.

Should I have drafted Colin Kaepernick instead of RGIII in my fantasy leagues? We'll see.

I switched from theoldreader to feedly for my RSS feeds. The Old Reader is too slow.

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