Monday, June 17, 2013

Nerds: Stata 13 drops on June 24!

From their press release:
We should mention the improved help-file searching, and Poisson with endogenous covariates, and that Stata now supports FTP and secure HTTP, and fast PDF manual navigation, and seven noncentral-t and noncentral-F functions, and JavaAPI, and ordered probit with Heckman style sample selection, and the new way of estimating ML models without writing an evaluator program, and the new fractional-polynomial prefix command, and intraclass correlations, and that quantile regression can now produce robust estimates of standard errors, and that factor variables now support value labels for labeling output, and the new way to import data from Haver Analytics, and automatic business-calendar creation, and the new import commands that make reading data really easy, and how you can create Word and Excel files from Stata, and how you can solve arbitrary nonlinear systems, and a lot of other things.

And Stata 13 contains the most requested feature of all: You can now type cls to clear the Results Window.

Learn more about everything at
My personal favorite: 2-billion-character-long strings. No more people from the research project I worked on 7 years ago e-mailing me to see if I still have the original Access database files so that we can track down our respondents using the directions to their houses, which Stata cut off at 244 characters.

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