Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Run Log: March 18-24, Hiker Retirement

I didn't even run enough last week to merit mentioning. A hiker buddy applying to grad school in econ visited, so we did some hiking, but I was pretty worn out with travel and lecture prep, so I only ran 20 miles, plus maybe 15-20 walking. Hopefully this week I'll get back on track. From my students' perspective, I'm clearly trying to cover too much in class, so maybe if I ease up on them I'll get a minute of spare time as a byproduct.

Here's a not-horrible USA Today article on the dirtbag lifestyle, specifically retiring early. I certainly contemplate stuff like this, but I'd really like to talk to somebody who is, you know, old, who's done this. Billy Goat's the oldest hiker I know, and I think he's got some sort of pension to fall back on. Does anybody know an adventurer who lived the life who's now old and wishes they'd actually worked a little more so they could afford their meds? The platitude says that no one on their deathbed wishes they'd spent more time at work, but the economist says humans are irrational and don't save enough for retirement.

Somewhat similar to the above, young kids hike the AT (and now the PCT) every few years. I met a family of four doing the AT back in '02, then Scrambler did the PCT in '04. I assumed this happened on the AT occasionally in the 60's and 70's. How did those kids end up? What do they do for a living? Did they do the AT again as an adult? Did they take their own 10-year old kid on a thru-hike? I'd be curious. 

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