Wednesday, May 09, 2012


To anyone remotely interested in economics of any sort, this past weekend's NYT Mag was awesome. Adam Davidson's ability to explain econ to lay people is exceptional.

For example, Mitt Romney's business partner is a delusional douchebag. (What a surprise!) Inequality is good because it inspires people to take risks and try to innovate. (Never mind Volcker's spot-on ATM quote, or any of the issues that Davidson raises.)

McDonald's is still horrible.

Couponers. Or, people who eat only processed food-like things and don't understand the monetary value of their time.

Jeff Sachs, Bill Easterly, Andrei Schleifer, and a bunch of other economists have weighed in on how to help other countries develop, so Paul Romer thought he'd join the party. Best of luck.

And unrelated, but cool: NYT held an essay contest to justify why eating meat is ethical. The winner? "Basically, it's not." Because seriously, it's not. Global warming is real, people. Says the guy who's made 16 intercontinental flights in the last 10 months.
[Update: Oops. I'm talking about the landslide popular vote winner, not the judges' mediocre choice.]

What a happy blog post!


  1. Oh, my bad. The winner in my mind was the winner by popular vote when I saw the vote totals last week. The "Basically, it's not" essay (I’m About to Eat Meat for the First Time in 40 Years) won 38% of the vote, and the judge's pick won only 14%. So I think the judges are stupid.