Monday, May 28, 2012

Mostly Puppies

George in the Window


I discovered a pottery collective nearby. Car wheel as throwing wheel.

My haul from the collective.


Sugar Cane Kids

Field Work

Breakfast spread at Martha's Guest House outside Butere

Farewell visit to my buddy S; he happened to have three adorable puppies. Blurry, but I like how this one turned out.

Holding two of them

Please do not appear at my house having driven this rig from South Africa. The jealousy cannot be contained.

Synchronized grooming

Synchronized sleeping

How Kenyans fuel their sports; I'm giving it a try. It is dirt cheap, and, you know, tastes like sugar.

The Obama Villa, one of the themed rooms at Martha's Guest House. I went for the Princess Margaret room instead.

Holding all three of them


Well, I've been working like crazy on some grant proposals. After George was hit by a car I bailed on Mfangano island, but he was recovering well (and still is) so I managed to get in a motorcycle ride Sunday afternoon and headed to a guest house an hour away in Butere. It was nice, but vastly overrated by the Rough Guide. This weekend Miles and I ran a good 14.5, I visited my buddy S's house and his windmill workshop, and I hung out with friends in Kisumu.

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