Friday, May 18, 2012


George got hit by a car last night. He'll survive but might have a broken leg. Miles and I were having a great run with George off-leash as normal, but we were out late so it was getting dark. It was only the second time I'd gone to this area so I didn't know the trails and we ended up hitting the main tarmac road much further south than I wanted. It didn't have much of a shoulder, and he went out into the road and got hit. The matatu saw him and slowed down a bunch, so it could have been worse. The vet is on his way, but I'm not sure what he'll be able to do. It's not a compound fracture or very bloody, but it's badly swollen.
Dammit. Obviously could have been avoided if any of a dozen things had been different, but he pulls like a sled dog when he's on a leash and is under pretty good voice control when off (hasn't killed a single chicken) and we took the left turn sending us out to the paved road, and it was getting dark... Dammit.

[UPDATE: The vet, 6 hours late because he got arrested by traffic cops on the way, seems to think there's no break; George'll be walking on it in 2 days. That's great news; I'm still in a funk, and I'll believe it when I see it. I went around town looking for another vet (mine had to come from Busia) and met the District Veterinary Officer, who seemed like he had the facilities to put George under general anesthesia and set and cast any broken bones. I'll take George to him on Monday if it's not looking better, but I think everything will be OK.]

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