Sunday, November 13, 2011

OS Lion Sucks

Have I mentioned this yet? OS Lion is a slow and buggy piece of crap.
Don't upgrade. Now that I already did, it's kind of a pain to
downgrade because I'm stupid and only have Snow Leopard Time Machine
backups in storage in the US. I think my options are to (1) manually
back up everything I need, wipe the drive, install Snow Leopard, and
hope that all the software, photos, and music all function when I'm
done (2) wait until next month, manually back up all the photos I've
taken in the last several months, restore a Snow Leopard Time Machine
back-up from July, and add the new photos back (3) move my job market
paper research to my PC, learn to use R instead of Matlab (R's free
and I presently only have Matlab on the mac), and basically just put
the Mac to rest, or (4) scream, throw the mac against the wall, and go
for a run.

UPDATE: I went with option #1. I think I lost all my Firefox bookmarks, notes in Stickies, and lots of other app-specific preferences. What folder would have prevented that from happening?

UPDATE2: Dammit. The answer to the above question is aggravatingly obvious in hindsight (/Library/Preferences). I guess I've never had reason to figure out their stupid names before ( still remember the system that was a little more obviously labeled from way back in the Classic days.

I suppose I'll eventually get over the loss.


  1. OS Lion works like a dream on my brand new iMac. Lightning fast. However, my old laptop literally could not handle it, and bit the dust a few days after upgrading. Jusging from my iphone experiences, Apple obviously has very little concern how their software upgrades work on their old hardware. Kinda annoying.

  2. That's a sensible view. I should have remembered that I had the same experience jumping to 10.4 on an old iMac that I should have kept on the final 10.2 update.
    Also, oooooh new iMac? And someday remind me to bug you about where you store all your photos and how that works, because I assume you have too much for the built-in HD.

  3. There's a lot to not like about it. They've dumbed it down AND made it more complicated. System graphics are jerky now on my 4GB MacBook Pro. A big problem is Spotlight search doesn't work within Mac Mail - I get no search results on terms that definitely exist in Mail messages. Spaces is one dimension instead of 2 so takes longer to move between screens, and my jaw drops whenever the "This file is locked because you haven't made any changes to it recently" comes up, like something you'd see in Windows. Scheduled printing no longer exists, I can't send a job to my print room and give it two minutes so I can stock special paper. I was forced to upgrade too but I'm disappointed with it, and I've been using Macs since OS 6.