Monday, November 07, 2011

Lake Baringo

Motorcycling is probably the greatest means of transportation since walking, running, hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, and bicycling.

I rode to Lake Baringo this weekend and saw some hippos and crocs. The section from Busia to Eldoret wasn't amazing (and Eldoret traffic was horrible), but crossing the Kerio Valley from Iten to Kabarnet was fabulous. I left the house around 10 on Saturday and made it there at 5, but I left a little later on Sunday, took a different route, and spent the night in Kakamega, where I'll be living next year. I bought some roadside honey and tamarinds, I got a flat tire that cost me $1 and 10 minutes to have fixed, and I had a good time.

Taking pictures from a motorcycle would be instant death while moving, and while stopped is instant over-heating in my riding gear, but I suffered just for you. Here you go.

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