Friday, August 07, 2009

Sometimes I'm Not Worthless

I'm presently carbo-loading for the 100-miler tomorrow. You can check my times every 25 miles online. It starts at 7AM and I'm shooting for 28 hours. Mostly because that's a nice round number that makes for easy math so I can tell my pacer when to show up for the last 25 miles (Thanks AL). I'll be happy to finish; I think It'll be kind of funny to "run" a 100-miler without having gone running a single time in over two months. Oh, wait. I think I ran like 3 or 4 miles with my friend in Logan July 4. Oh well.

The past few days when I haven't been wasting time on the computer or trying to find a place to live, I've been trying to deck out the camper shell. The windows aren't tinted so it's obvious when I leave things in the back, and since I don't have a room of my own, the bed is presently full of stuff I'd like to have not stolen. So I made drapes. Originally I attached them at the top and thought I'd sew in a dowel rod at the bottom so I could roll them up so I could see while driving, but then I realized putting the rod at the top and making them completely detachable would be easier. So now when you walk by when it's dark out, unless you look closely, it just looks dark and empty, and I feel like I'm not the least-handy person in the world.


Also, I just learned that the cool tunnel near/under Snoqualmie Pass through which I ran in '06 on the Cascade Crest Classic 100 is closed due to potential falling rocks. News Story.

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