Monday, August 31, 2009

Health Insurance Reform

I spent the weekend in Stockton at an Organizing for America training camp.

If you support Obama's basic principles for health insurance reform then make sure you've pledged your support on his website. If you're further left than the President (like me) and are bummed that Obama seems to have waffled on the public option, you should still sign. If you're on the other side and think it's cool that America spends the most per capita on health care and yet gets only the 37th best results, and that 47 million people have no insurance (but drive up your premiums because they'll end up getting treated at your county hospital when their preventable illness becomes an emergency (and thus super-expensive)), then I guess we'll just have to agree that I think you are lame.

Sign the pledge now, then go look for a congressional sendoff in your area. Basically, OFA is bundling together all these pledges and delivering them to Reps/Senators on their way back to DC now that their vacation is over. I'll be at SF City Hall at 5PM this Wednesday. You should come.

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