Sunday, August 09, 2009

Headlands Hundred

I ran the Headlands Hundred in 26:48. It was four times around a 25-mile loop run in alternating directions ("washing machine loops"). The course could have been less loopy, but thanks to California's budget mess, Mt. Tamalpais State Park is closed to special events (econ thought--Couldn't the state just charge enough to make hosting special events profitable?) so the course had to be entirely in the federal Golden Gate National Rec. Area. My 25-mile lap times were 5:09, 6:10, 7:39, and 7:50. I've previously been of the opinion that you can't bank time, so you shouldn't go out fast and should run even splits, but I don't really feel like the fast first loop was a mistake--I just think that until I do a lot more training I'm always going to be slow in the middle of the night after 80-some miles.

The views were great, and the weather was beautiful--foggy and 65 to 70 Saturday, with the fog staying thick until around 2:00 PM then rolling back in at 5:30 PM or so. The night never really got that cold, and then I managed to finish before it got too hot this morning. My goal was 28 hours, so I'm happy with my time. I'm a little bummed that I didn't go sub-24 since it seemed totally possible after 50, but that would obviously require real training to keep up the pace on the last loop. The overall winner was in the under 30 age group, and I thought I was going to pull off second in my age group, which would have been nice. I recognize the eventual under-30 2nd placer from other events and was trying to keep track of where he was, but can't remember where on earth he passed me on the third loop. Oh well.

After the fact I'm glad I did it, but from mile 60 to 92 or so I couldn't stop thinking how much I love 50-milers and think 100-milers would only really be fun if I were doing the entire thing together with a good friend. Very similar to my thoughts during my first and only other 100-miler in '06. Regardless, it was nice to do it so I can put in for Hard Rock again next year.

Thanks to AL for pacing me the last 25.


  1. Nice job, G. Your times keep dropping, eh?

  2. Nice run, way to beat your goal. I love that you had barely run for months and go out for a 100 miler!

  3. Do you stop to eat/rest? (serious question) - James

  4. There were aid stations with food & water every 4 miles. Other than for the bathroom, I only sat down once that I can think of, for about a minute.