Friday, May 22, 2009


$36 at REI on a new Platypus, stuff sack, and tiny plastic vials, $88 on a second trip to B-bowl, and $50 on 19 pairs of cheap nylon dress socks at Target. Rayon is a wicking fabric, right? Moved half my stuff into storage in my friend's kitchen. Just put my PCT permit app. in the mail. Still need shoes and boxes.


  1. thank you for not using the cliche "hiking the PCT: priceless" after listing off your expenses. double bonus points if you don't post "Best. Hike. Ever." when you finish.

  2. Rayon is a "natural synthetic" usually made from wood pulp, thought "bamboo socks" could be considered Rayon as well, Viscose I believe is another trade term for the same material.

    I bought some rayon blended dress socks at a cheap dept. store once and they're one of my favorites, as they don't seem to get quite as hot as my pure nylon ones do, still breathe quite well but keep some of the softness of cotton without being too thick. There's a whole class of "reblended natural fibers" or reformulated natural fibers that seem to work pretty well for socks at least.