Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Light Grey Screen of Death

I was considering sending myself my old Rio MP3 player halfway through the trail, but when I tried syncing it with my computer, it gave me the light grey screen that says "You must restart your computer" with a picture of the power button behind it (apparently technically called a "Kernel Panic") on four consecutive reboots and attempts. This is the first instance I can recall of getting this screen in the year and a half with this computer. Screw it, I guess I'll listen to nature, because I don't want to listen to what's currently loaded (Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle) on repeat the entire hike. I'd be curious if anyone has any AA or AAA battery-powered, AM/FM-receiving, large capacity (5+ gigs) or SD card slot-having MP3 player suggestions.

All food, guide and databook sections, batteries, TP, Vitamin I, band-aids, duct tape, electrolyte tablets and such are now allocated, Brooks gave me a pro-deal on shoes, and I think I'm nearly good to go.

I'm stoked about the hike and not too worried about grad school (it doesn't make you want to stick around when the building is almost 100% deserted). The only thing I've been thinking about is how I don't like the disposable nature of my gear for this (or any other) hike. To save time I probably won't be using a bounce box or shipping anything back home (with the possible exception of my bear canister, but I can also totally see myself saying "Here, want this?" to a random day-hiker when I'm two feet out of Yosemite) so I'll just chuck stuff I don't need. I expect to burn through 7 pairs of shoes, 35 pairs of socks, 18 AAA batteries, at least a couple pairs of shorts and t-shirts, and lots of plastic bags. I guess that's not that much, plus I think we've set this up to be a no-car hike, so that's cool (not that hitching burns much extra carbon). Anyway, just a thought.


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  2. Hey man,
    Sorry to hear about your computer. If a reinstall of the OS doesn't do it, likely a failed hard drive. What kind of mac is it? As for the mp3 player thing, I used this on an AT thru in '07. Unfortunately Amazon is out, but I had the same criteria as you when I found this. I was happy with it except that the interface is not as slick as an iPod. Hope this helps and I'm looking forward to following the hike.