Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm Going to Stop Buying Food Now

Too lazy to rotate this picture. I think I'm done buying food. I've boxed most of it, and now I'll start putting in socks, batteries, toilet paper, and (crap I need to buy some) hand sanitizer. Do you think all these boxes plus three people will fit in a Subaru? That's kind of my current plan for getting them to the person who'll be mailing them for me. I'll probably mail the first four before I leave town, so that should help. This preparation stuff is getting annoying. I'm trying to be more prepared for this trip than for any other because I can't be wasting time in town ordering gear, mailing bounce boxes ahead, or shopping if I need to be hiking 41 every day. Maybe the prep would be more fun if I spread it out over months instead of putting it together in a week while I was also moving.

Econ nerd moment: maildrops are a constrained optimization problem. More frequent packages means lighter loads, and less catastrophic problems if one package doesn't arrive, but more time wasted in town.

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