Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Decision (for tonight at least)

I think I'm going hiking. When else will I have the chance to try and break the supported PCT speed record unsupported with one of my best friends? The job market will probably stink this coming fall (although one you introduce the game theory of other students realizing this and also delaying a year, you probably can't be sure what type of equilibrium will result), if I really want a teaching (as opposed to solely research) position going in 7 years will only let me get more teaching experience, a prof. I hugely respect said it doesn't hurt to go in 7 if you've got a good paper, perhaps if I manage to finish, but not quite in time for the real job market in October/November, maybe I could still manage to get a post-doc somewhere else if I were sick of Berkeley (maybe I'm just dreaming that), and I've become less certain that baseball salary data is going to be immediately forthcoming anyway because a prof. who would know says it's way more complicated than I imagined.

Who knows? All I know for sure is that I'm extremely indecisive and that my gram-weenie scale is on the counter and I'm weighing homemade almond-butter energy bars.

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  1. Sweet. Best wishes on the hike. Gear list?