Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Apple Anger, Again

iTunes 8.1 broke syncing with 2nd generation iPod Shuffles (the ones that're postage-stamp sized.) It's been long enough that it seems like they're not fixing it on purpose to encourage people to buy the new 3rd generation Shuffle.

Here's a story about it. It's not bigotry like Amazon's recent flub, but maybe this story can help the meme spread.


  1. I have itunes 8.1.1 and (knock on wood) mine still updates. I did it today, in fact.

  2. I recommend vinyl. So far I haven't seen a lot of iTunes controlled turntables, so if you stick with the analog route I think you're safe. You can probably get a copy of of 7.x iTunes, whatever the last stable release was and forgo upgrading to 8.x until they fix it for real. I have a 1st Gen Shuffle and I'm certain I'll have to go back to an earlier version of iTunes. That being said mp3 players that show up at "USB Drives" are nice right? I mean, it's just a flash drive, so in theory all it has to do is act like a drive. Unfortunately Rockbox doesn't have an alternative firmware for the Shuffles. But it is a good idea.