Sunday, April 26, 2009

ADZPCTKO? Check. ABDPCTSRA? 88% Likely.

Class of '04: Me, Nacho, WC, Too Obtuse, and WS Monty, among others

Class of '09. Look closely.

Nitro sporting a ball-hat.

I had an awesome weekend at the ADZPCTKO at Lake Morena Campground with Ducky, Firefly, Freefall, Gazelle, Hawkeye, Heinz, Jug, Leap Year, Mags, Mattress, multiple Monties, Nacho, Nano, Nitro, Pro-Deal, Scarlet, Shrek, Skittles, Sly, So Far, Splash and her blister Seymour, Squatch, Suge, Tattoo Joe, Tomato, Weather Carrot, Wildflower, Yogi, and everyone else whose name is not popping into my head immediately in alphabetical order. It was a little more chill than last year, probably because it was freezing at night so it seemed like a huge ordeal to leave the campfire where I was already hanging out with Nitro and her mantourage to go watch hiking videos or go to the cabins and party. Also, have you tried using a laptop outside in the sun? It doesn't work that well. I did do a 20-mile run from the lake to Kitchen Creek road and back on Friday, however.

Tomato and Mattress just before heading north on Sunday

Billy Goat and ? representin' the 80's.

Tattoo Joe spinning a yarn about the crazy days.

Oh, and apparently my friend Squatch was on Anderson Cooper once. Watch.

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