Saturday, December 20, 2008

50K, again

I ran the Rodeo Beach 50K today. I don't know what I've been doing wrong for the last four years, because I did it in 5:32, setting my second PR in 8 days. Maybe it's like grad school--I was told grades didn't matter, so I took that to heart a little too much and failed a class, and I took the "go out slow" mantra a little too much to heart when it came to 50K races. There was a 10K loop that I did in the wrong direction today, but I doubt that made much of a difference. I got a ride with a friend who ran the 20K in the morning and rode my bike home across the GG bridge to BART. Have I ever mentioned that the Bay Area in general and the Marin Headlands specifically, are really, really beautiful? Because it's true. It also doesn't hurt when you can go running in shorts and a t-shirt on December 20. No wonder I'm taking so long to get my PhD. Why would I ever want to move?

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  1. Congrats on another fine run and ANOTHER PR! I can't get over how speedily you're getting to the finish line these days!

    Yesterday was almost unbelievably nice for the 20th of December, wasn't it?! I can't even imagine a nicer day for our last event of the year.

    Thanks for all your support this year - looking forward to seeing you out on the trails (and loops?) again in 2009! Enjoy your holiday run up Diablo!