Monday, November 10, 2008

No Marathon for Me

The California International Marathon is full, so I guess I won't be running it next month. I had a goal to run a regular 26.2-mile marathon every year until I died, but I haven't done one this year, and no, the three 50K's (with three more possible before the end of the year), two 50-milers, and one 24-hour race do not count. No big deal, because (a)road running is less fun than trail running and (b)I've only had this goal since 2005 when I had hoped to break 3:00 in the St. George Marathon and then "retire" from road running entirely, but actually got 3:00:23. So I think I'll just admit that I've forgotten about road races completely, continue just doing ultras for several more years (maybe a couple 100's next summer?), and then focus on doing a 2:45 or 2:50 marathon if I ever move and live in some place without great trails. That sounds fun.

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  1. I would add Big Sur to your list, if you must run on the road. That was one of the most beautiful marathons I ever did. Apparently it's in April next year if you are still in Cali. Condit and Johnson can attest to how stupendous it was, and as I recall Johnson broke 3 hours I think, like 2:59 maybe on what is a pretty hilly course on PCH-1. I remember having a lot of bowel trouble, but being awed by the scenery despite frequent stops. Otherwise, yeah man, stick to the trails buddy. And yes, buy the Apple Care.