Monday, November 10, 2008

Apple Care?

I've got 16 days until I've owned my MacBook for a year and the included one-year warranty expires. Should I buy Apple Care to extend the warranty for another two years? Apple called me and said they'd give it to me for $183 instead of the usual $250, so I'm thinking about it. I've already had to get something fixed, and so have WF, TS, MB, HP, her roommate, and my parents. I can think of about 3 friends (AL,AR,LY,PO) that as far as I know haven't needed any repairs. That's at least 3/5 odds of needing a repair (I don't know whether these repairs were in the first year or 2nd and 3rd year of ownership, which is what I'm really concerned about), times the expected cost of $250 at the very least and probably more for any hardware malfunction (a simple top-case replacement would have been $202), which probably means I should go ahead and buy it. Any thoughts?


  1. My repair was just outside the first year of ownership, by a week or so. My roommate's was within the first month of ownership. And you've already had our same problem repaired, so I don't know how useful our data is anyway.

  2. do it. I needed to replace the battery in my macbook pro last spring outside the original warranty and the left shift key this summer. the extended warranty (I got a discounted student price) already paid for itself. is there not a cheaper option through your school bookstore?

  3. do it. i did need repairs the first year. i'm hoping i won't need more soon. wish i had gotten it.

  4. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Get Apple Care. As long as the damage is not caused by you (like water spilling or dropping it) you are covered. If your hard drive goes in the next couple years it paid for itself. If the logic board or display go and you don't have it, you might as well get a new laptop.

    Advice from an ex-"mac genius"