Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well, Fudge.

My trip to take kids from Oakland backpacking with Big City Mountaineers just got canceled because the partnering youth organization was restructuring and couldn't find kids that wanted to go. This is a huge bummer. The only possible upside is that perhaps I can parlay this newfound study time into enough time to run the Headlands Hundred, which I'd pretty much consigned myself to not doing thanks to it being 8 days before my test. Probably still not the wisest idea in the world, but we'll see how I feel this Saturday when I do a big run.

This also solidifies depressing thoughts I've been having lately about how non-profits sometimes aren't run that well. I used to have this instantaneous built-in network of friends wherever I lived thanks to church, but since I don't do that anymore, I've been trying to find some sort of replacement sense of community by volunteering and through outdoorsy groups, and it's been a bit disappointing. I mean, I applied to Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and they wrote me back and basically said "We received your application, but we're low on staff, so we don't have time to review it. Maybe someday." I don't mean this as a slight against any of the organizations or people I've volunteered with, in fact, I've been very impressed with the motivation and effort of almost every Forest Service/One Brick/Oakland Public Library/High Sierra Volunteer Trail Crew/Big City Mountaineers person I've encountered, it's just that it makes me sad that money must really make the world go round. If anything, I hope I can use this as motivation to donate more money/time/energy to causes I support.

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