Wednesday, July 09, 2008


I should probably just ignore this article about murder on the Appalachian Trail since I dislike it so much, but I guess I'm posting the link mostly out of anger. It's not that the story itself isn't newsworthy, (I'm aware of the fact that I've ardently defended other publications about similar subjects to some of you) it's just the manner in which the story is written, with all these phrases like "But a murderer was in these woods, too. And he brought darkness to the light," and "But sometimes, man feasts here as well. And the killer was hungry," which sound more like the guy doing the voice-overs in a horror movie trailer (and a bad one at that) rather than reporting from the newspaper that brought down a sitting US President. Arg.

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  1. schnapp5:26 PM

    yeah, I read it last night and while gripped by the story, thought a lot of the stuff was overwrought-- especially the places where he was assigning motives to the murderer.