Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Outside Mag

My friend Zack Grossman is on the cover of this month's Outside magazine. It's on newsstands west of the Mississippi only (Harry Connick Jr. gets the Easterners, neither are online yet), the relevant article's about cool cities to live in, and Oakland gets a tiny blurb (never mind that the photo was actually taken in Berkeley). It's the same Corey Rich photo that appeared in Trail Runner magazine in the article about the East Bay a couple years ago, which also doesn't seem to be online.

Anyway, there's also a good article (not online yet, but will be on in a month or so) about the Great Divide Bicycle Race, which I stumbled upon last year on my CDT hike. The article is about last year's race, although I'm not sure I remember any of the people it mentions. This year's race has been won, but there are still a few days before the 25-day limit comes to an end. Yes, I will definitely try and ride this someday.

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  1. If I can bike up my hill, I want to bike this too ...