Friday, July 11, 2008

Article Up

The feature article about me and Francis Tapon from the June issue of Backpacker magazine is now available online.


  1. Glad that finally went online, I couldn't find the magazine in any stores here.

    I really don't like the angle of the story there. From what I know of you, and of myself and other hikers, the competition with another hiker was probably the lowest on the list of battles. Distance, weather, food, terrain, injury, I'm sure would be on your mind much more often than beating someone to the end. Then again, competition can bring out different sides of people, so perhaps I'm wrong?

  2. Well I hope you never felt compelled to pee and hike simultaneously to "save time".

    Also the last photo of you with the Nishiki is pretty tough looking. The world needs more dudes with beards riding old bikes.

    And from your Picasa page it seemed like you took plenty of photos on the hike. Just because you didn't shoot Hi-Def video for your sponsors or recite Mandarin language tapes, I mean come on, there is no way that guy is for real.

    And if he is for real, you must be incredibly thankful you didn't run into him on the trail and have him pee on you.

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  4. its nice you were portrayed as a philosophical stoic who wants nothing more than to be at one with nature. luckily, i know you better...he didn't say anything about you being 5'4" on a good day and that your driving force is a horrible case of small man syndrome....