Wednesday, November 08, 2006

My Friend Scott

My buddy/Pacific Crest Trail legend Scott Williamson was in The New York Times yesterday. He's always jokingly told me he wanted to be in People magazine because Brian Robinson got in when he did the Triple Crown (AT, PCT, CDT) all in one year in 2001, but the Times is pretty cool. I was in the Times once. I'm the crazy bearded man at the end of the article. Seriously. I have pictures of me with the kids to prove it. Makes me pretty excited about my 2007 CDT plans.

Oh, and if this entry shows up twice, it's because I'm impatient.


  1. I couldn't get the NY Times link to go (crazy bearded one.) Can you fix?

  2. should be good to go now. If not, search for "Three generations one mile high" I think it's the June 8, 2003 travel section of the Times and I swear this is the url: