Friday, September 09, 2016

Rogaining to Victory

I did my first rogaine a weekend or so ago, and I guess I won. [See results. Also, editorial note: Read what the hell a rogaine is. Then come back.]

If you want to hear it from me instead of Wikipedia, it's an endurance orienteering event where you get to pick your route to numerous assigned locations with different point values to maximize your score within the allotted time.

The event was held in Sierra National Forest a few miles east of Shaver Lake. Shaver Lake is on HWY 168 east of Fresno on your way up to Lake Edison or Florence Lake. To me it's a bit of a shame to drive up HWY 168 and stop so far from the high country that lies beyond, but it was still reasonably pretty terrain if you ignore the fact that California is a giant fireball waiting to happen. Seriously, do you remember that one time you were planning to go camping and have a campfire, and you set up camp, only you realized you forgot the firewood, but then realized that a previous camper left a old dead Christmas tree right next to the fire pit? That is California.

Since rogaining is a team sport, team Super Happy Fun Ball consisted of me and JC, who I'd never actually met before, but was a friend of a friend. I think we'd both independently asked said friend (BF) if he wanted to be our teammate, and he suggested we just pair up ourselves, so we did. Despite not knowing each other and despite my usual grumpiness at 2AM (at all times of day and night, regardless of circumstances, you say) I think it went reasonably well.

I had a fun time, but I think I'll stick with books-in-the-woods races. I like having to look for old crappy trail, and having to carry a compass and a map, but I prefer running to hiking. I don't mind having to count steps or count contour lines a little bit, but in moderation. When I look at contour lines, I want it to be to quickly determine whether a route goes, not to count lines, do math, and estimate how many steps it should be until I find something.

Anyway, here are some photos. I have to get to work.

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