Monday, August 01, 2016

Stupid Tiny Airports

I worked from Florida for a week. One day of that wasn't exactly my work, but rather Amy's, as we had to go to the field and count mangrove seedlings. Mostly I sat in the canoe reading The Cartel, which I guess was exciting, but wasn't that good. I don't think I read enough to read entertaining stuff that isn't good literature. Or maybe it's just that the trash I prefer reading is travel narratives instead of crime novels. Yes, that's probably it.

Daytrip to the field

Gatorade should sponsor Amy's research

Lots of weird flavorings, like the PB+J Amber. Not exactly my favorite. But they've improved the seating and space since last time.
 We did some tubing down the Santa Fe river, stopped at a small state park on the way home, and saw four baby armadillos.

We also saw Jason Bourne, which was somewhere between average and terrible. Spy movies should focus on one specific spy threat, not the larger issue of whether spying is generally good for the world or not, because if you try to cover an issue that large, the dialogue will inevitably become completely hamfisted, with winners like "This is America!" and "We're keeping America safe." Obviously that's a real and important question worth debating, but I think you can't do it well in such a stupid medium. Or at least not while also choreographing multiple fight scenes and car chases. Another example--I know everybody liked Skyfall,but no one walked out of it thinking "Wow, that was a really insightful treatment of the value of signals intelligence vs. human intelligence." 

Back in CA, I rode my bike to Napa to do some wine tasting with the Ex-Mo's. I don't recommend it. The biking, not the wine tasting. The route from the East Bay is basically only pretty once you get there, so you should put your bike on the bus or carpool there, and then ride around the valley instead. EDP won a raffle so we went to a spendy place (Darioush) for free, and a much more chill place (Laird Family Estate) on our own dime.

Rode over Carquinas Straight (I-80) bridge for the first time.

Good Stuff

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