Monday, April 25, 2016

Zane Grey 50

I ran the Zane Grey 50-miler in Arizona on Saturday. It was rough, and having a conference at UC Davis, a flight delay, and under five hours of sleep the night before didn't really help. But it was very pretty, so I still had fun. Except for miles 33-46. Those sort of sucked. It was my slowest 50-miler tim in a decade or so, but Zane Grey is maybe top 3 or top 5 hardest 50's.

I didn't carry my camera, so these photos are from the Mazatzal Wilderness, where I spent Sunday on a short backpacking trip before flying home early Monday.
Monday Morning

Couldn't get it to focus without using my flashlight

Hey bear.

What am I? I look like a stink bug in water.

Someday, maybe

Zane Grey Finisher Prize

Look that relief on that terrain map. The Mogollon Rim.

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