Monday, April 25, 2016

Zane Grey 50

I ran the Zane Grey 50-miler in Arizona on Saturday. It was rough, and having a conference at UC Davis, a flight delay, and under five hours of sleep the night before didn't really help. But it was very pretty, so I still had fun. Except for miles 33-46. Those sort of sucked. It was my slowest 50-miler tim in a decade or so, but Zane Grey is maybe top 3 or top 5 hardest 50's.

I didn't carry my camera, so these photos are from the Mazatzal Wilderness, where I spent Sunday on a short backpacking trip before flying home early Monday.
Monday Morning

Couldn't get it to focus without using my flashlight

Hey bear.

What am I? I look like a stink bug in water.

Someday, maybe

Zane Grey Finisher Prize

Look that relief on that terrain map. The Mogollon Rim.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Epic trek around all of Philadelphia

Better than the craziest of my Philly/Swat runs, a hike around the border of Philly.

News story, interactive maps.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Run, Bike, Trail Work

I ran 12, biked 42, and did four hours of trail work in the Marin headlands. It was pretty.

You can't tell, but there's a house in there by that tree.

Heat Maps

I use Strava to log my running and biking miles. They use a freemium business model. The premium isn't worth it as a runner, I've decided, and you'd need to be a total power/wattage bike equipment geek for it to be worth it. But since I paid for one month, here are the heat maps that show where I've run most frequently.

I assume I'm the only person yet to log significant Strava miles in Kakamega, Kenya.

 Swat, Philly, and that one time I ran to Philly from Swat.


I kind of wish I had Strava back in the day when I ran from Berkeley to Diablo and back. It would make a nice connection between many of my routes.

 Not nearly as exciting for running.

I think the heat map algorithm is pretty silly. The intensity is logged only by the number of workouts on which you've covered a certain stretch, not the actual number of times you've covered a stretch. That is, I've run around this loop exactly 100 times, but I did it all on one day, so it shows up very faint, which seems unusual.

Saturday, April 02, 2016

Ultra/Nerd Stuff

I ran from Union City BART to my house last Saturday. It was 52 miles or so.

And now I did some silly analysis of BART commute times and home prices. I'm pretty happy about how cool R Markdown & knitr (for dynamic documents), R projects (for file management) and built-in version control in R Studio are. I'll stop. Just look at this website.