Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Update 2: 2016 Race Schedule

Another update: I was selected for neither Western States nor Hardrock. I am on the waitlist for Barkley. Spot #28, which is almost exactly on the bubble. I do not know what to think of that. The orienteering events are probably decent training, but I'm out of shape right now. Pull out and plan on next year, or train like crazy and hope the list turns over quickly? I don't really want to wait until the last minute and then pay for an expensive flight if things turn out well.

February 7: Orienteering in Sunol Regional Wilderness
February 27: Orienteering at Cal
March 18-20: Orienteering in Morgan Territory
April 1, Barkley Marathons (waitlist bubble!)
April 23, Zane Grey 50 (signed up)
June 4 or 18: Bone Tempest (Mt. Tam)
July 9, Capitol Reef 50/100 (100 held only if sufficient interest)
OR: Skyline Mountain 50 near Ogden, UT
August 6, Angeles Crest 100 (signed up)
August 20, Waldo 100K (lottery Feb 15-24)
September 17, Plain 100
September 24-25, Mogollon Monster
October 15, Euchre Bar Massacre

Maybe also, but unlikely:
More BAOC Orienteering Events
March 19, 4MPH Challenge
May 14, MeOw Marathons
US Skyrunning Tahoe-area 50K June 19
Idaho: two 100K and a 50M in June, July, and August

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