Sunday, November 15, 2015

Miami, Mostly Street Art

I went from London to Miami to present some food stamps research at a public policy conference. Gf drove down, and we stayed in Wynwood, a very cool industrial/art neighborhood. I would have liked to see Little Havana as well, but Wynwood had more than enough to entertain us. We AirBnB'd a cool studio, but the bedroom shared a wall with a heavy metal show that went till 1AM, so they're not getting a five-star review.

Mural in progress

Bored with all the incredible street art

Zebra Corner

Scribbly Corner

Colorful Corner

Boyband Auditions

The food was disappointing, but the bathroom door made up for it

Exactly how I feel

Three of my favorite things

Admiring the walls

Female Scientists

Downtown after the conference
I'd be interested to learn more about Miami's urban planning. How does a neighborhood like Wynwood, where practically every surface is covered in art, come to be? What are housing costs like for working people? Does the condo boom vindicate my belief that housing does actually trickle down, and that a massive increase in the supply of housing is what the Bay Area needs? But Miami doesn't seem very walkable--mandatory parking minimums are likely too high, as they are everywhere, and there need to be a lot more public access easements along all the waterfronts. Thank god for the California Coastal Commission.

I'm finally home now. Looking forward very much to not traveling for a month. 

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