Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Catch Up

I went to Kenya for three days to teach research transparency. Finding Nemo on the in-flight entertainment system cut out right when Marlin got to Sydney Harbor, so I don't know if he saved Nemo or not. Thanks for nothing, KLM.

Then I went to Minneapolis for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Gf met the family. Now everybody likes her more than they like me, but that was a foregone conclusion. We went the to Walker Art Center, rode bikes all over town, went bowling, and went to the Minnesota State Fair.

I was back for two days of work, I missed a meeting, I was a little sad because my teaching evaluations from the summer weren't great, and now I'm off to run 400 miles of races in 14 days. First up starting Friday is the Tahoe 200, then IMTUF 100, then The Bear 100.  I haven't packed my drop bags, and I don't have a pacer for Tahoe, but George does have a sitter.

Anyway, I have to leave by 10 or 11 tomorrow morning to get the pre-race meeting. Should be a fun few weeks. 2,000 miles of driving, #TravelswithGeorge.

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