Monday, August 03, 2015

Quick Warmup

Last weekend I decided to get some work done and run a local race instead of heading to the Sierras. So Sunday Yuch and I headed down the coast a bit and ran the Skyline to the Sea Trail. I ran this up and back on Christmas Day several years ago, but this experience was a little better.

I was expecting for the course to be easy because of the huge net drop, but there is still over 4,500 feet of climbing, so it's not easy. I finished in 5:08:51, which I think is my third best 50K time.

We cooled off in the ocean, and then gave a ride to a fellow runner back to the South Bay. Turned out he's climbed Everest and two other 8,000m peaks and offered us free entry and accommodations in his race in Monterrey, Mexico.

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