Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hey, Lookit!

The incoming class of Fellows at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science.

My reaction, based on how awesome everyone else is:

And now I'm tearing up because Maria.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Taking it Easy

All the driving was getting to me, so I stayed local this weekend.

Ran a bad 8 miles on Friday caused by eating too much just before starting. Saw Amy Schumer's new movie and was disappointed, because it's just a romcom, and not at all insightful, satirical, or absurdist like her show. I blame Judd Apatow.

Ran a decent 18 with 2,500 feet of climbing on Saturday.

And now photos from today:
When George lays down and waits for me to catch up, you know you've run him hard.

George and Yuch patiently waiting.

Las Trampas Ridge Trail

I have never seen him drink so much water.

Just to give you some idea of how steep Las Trampas is.

George modeling his new petrified horse look with his new Gentle Leader collar
Ran 22 in Las Trampas with 6,000+ feet of climbing today, and it was hotter than hell. I bonked HARD. I was practically crying and wishing for a slurpee at the end. Thankfully, there was a 7-11 only a mile from the trailhead, so all is well.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Emigrant Wilderness: Kennedy Lake

Did an easy group trip to Emigrant Wilderness this past weekend. I brought my Little Brother, who had been camping a few times before, but not backpacking.

Friday we arrived after dark, to find that it was full, and I hadn't made reservations. Tthey get full? I guess. I never sleep in them, so I don't know.) Thankfully, even in the dark, it only took me 60 seconds to find a dirt road with a pullout and a nice hunter camp for us all to camp in for free.

Saturday we hiked from Kennedy Meadows resort (the northern one, for you PCT thru-hikers) to Kennedy Lake. It's a pretty well-maintained trail, with a fair amount of stock travel, but it wasn't anywhere near Tuolumne Meadows to Vogelsang level of donkey-shit awfulness; in fact it was quite nice. It's 6 or 7 miles up to Kennedy Lake, and the trail peters out right when you get to a narrow leg of it. To actually see the lake, you have to make your way through some boggy ground, and there really isn't anywhere nice to camp by it. So you end up camping on a bench by the outlet creek, which you won't have to yourself. Hopefully the group of a million Mormon teenagers dressed as pioneers yelling "Elmer!" at the top of their lungs will be quiet and camp far away from you when you go.

It's really pretty.

Also, everyone liked my dehydrated black beans and corn chips, so gf should admit that her opinion about them is incorrect.
How to read a topo map.

OK if I sit here?

Heading back down

Overlooking the canyon of Kennedy Creek

Sunday, July 05, 2015

El Dorado NF

First, a very important question. I am in search of a high-altitude, wifi-enabled, dog-friendly coffee shop on the western slope of the Sierra between HWY 108 and I-80. Where is this magical place only a few hours from Berkeley where I can go to work for a few hours, still bring George, and easily get in an evening run, camp in the truck, and get into the wilderness the next day? Towns along 49 are too low and too hot in the summer, and not very close to real wilderness. I guess Truckee is probably a good option (I do have friends there), but I'd prefer more access to granite, which is mostly further south. Kirkwood on 88 was OK this weekend, and it seemed like there were a couple potential places on 50 on my way home today. Anyway, I'd love some recommendations.

Now to the point: I braved holiday traffic to get to the mountains. I drove up 88 on Friday. Set up camp near Caples Lake (Schneider Camp) and hiked up Little Round Top for an excellent sunset. Saturday I had big plans, but my foot was hurting (I'm still not recovered from the 24-hour race), bad weather was coming in, and following a trail across the slopes of Kirkwood put me in a bad mood (as is often the case when following trails that are obliterated by ski resorts) so I shortened the loop significantly. I'll save the big Mokelumne loop I designed for later.  I camped Saturday between 88 and 50 near Packsaddle Pass, and bagged Ralston Peak before driving home this afternoon. Traffic wasn't too bad; it was mostly from Sacramento west that was backed up.

Ralston towards Tahoe

Ralston to the rest of Desolation


Several inches of hail

But we waited out most of it in a large cave



From Little Round Top to the south

Wildflowers were in peak form

Schneider Camp

This is a good tree.

More Schneider Camp