Sunday, February 01, 2015

Ordnance 100K

I ran Inside Trail's Ordnance 100K race yesterday. I finished in 12:57 by my watch, which is a 100K PR by over 40 minutes. Granted, the race only had 7,000' of elevation gain, which is fewer than all my other 100Ks, and this is only the fourth time I've run that distance, but I'm pretty happy with it. I prefer races that are steeper, so I have the excuse to walk the uphills, and I love bombing the downhills, but I managed the run pretty much all the flat and rolling sections of this race. The course was quite pretty, especially for the first two hours after the pre-dawn start. We ascended a ridge with views of Monterey Bay below, which was socked in with fog. The course was mostly exposed, so it was a little bit hot later in the day, although not intolerable. I had some GI issues, six of them to be exact, which probably cost me 20 minutes, but hey, sometimes that's what being a vegan ultramarathoner means. Chipotle, I still love you.

A trail I've been interested in for a while, the Bigfoot Trail, is raising money to form a 501(c)(3). Throw a few bucks his way. I've never met the guy who created the route, but I have friends who have hiked it, and they really liked it. I've long wanted to hike the length of California in the "other" ranges, and the Condor Trail and Bigfoot Trail put a big chunk of that together.

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