Saturday, February 21, 2015

All my jackets are black.

Well, not all, but all the softshells that are both somewhat warm and somewhat comfortable are. Marmot DriClime Windshirt, Patagonia Guide, some New Balance thing I got from a race. I'm realizing that's not the greatest for cycling. I rock some pretty powerful bike lights now: Urban Light & Motion 550 on the front, CygoLite Hotshot 2 on the back, and a UL&M Vis 180 on the back of my helmet, but I think I should probably wear a nice reflecty jacket. I've got lighter-colored, if not reflective, rain gear and windshirts for warmer weather, but is there a not-stupid-looking-for-casual-wear-but-bright-and-reflecty light softshell that people like?

I also obviously need to take the spoke reflectors off the old heavy commuter that I gave up on and put them on the Lemond I now ride all the time. Also, I need to adjust the derailleur so I can actually get into high gear.

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