Saturday, November 15, 2014

You must be mad, girlie

Good movie. I cried. Enjoyment is likely strongly correlated with one's own lone-wolf adventurer status, however.

Today's the last day to put in for Western States. I'd have approximately a 7% chance of being picked. I'm already in for the Hardrock lottery; I should have somewhere between a 10-15% chance of being picked, based on previous lottery entries (3 by their count) and assuming that the increased pool in the never-started lottery (from 35 to 47) more than offsets any increase in applicants. There are no refunds, it's $400, they're too close together to run both fast, and I much prefer Hardrock. But given the ~0.7% chance of being selected in both, I think I should put in for both. States is on a 2^(n-1) ticket system like where n=consecutive previous applications, so I can start building up for a few years from now when I'm actually excited about it. (Hardrock is on the same system, only applications don't have to be consecutive.) But hey, if I get picked for both, I guess I use States as a training run, since that's how I roll. (By that I mean, training really inconsistently, signing up for lots of races, ending up being the median finisher, and knowing I could run a lot faster if I trained better.)

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