Saturday, November 15, 2014

You must be mad, girlie

Good movie. I cried. Enjoyment is likely strongly correlated with one's own lone-wolf adventurer status, however.

Today's the last day to put in for Western States. I'd have approximately a 7% chance of being picked. I'm already in for the Hardrock lottery; I should have somewhere between a 10-15% chance of being picked, based on previous lottery entries (3 by their count) and assuming that the increased pool in the never-started lottery (from 35 to 47) more than offsets any increase in applicants. There are no refunds, it's $400, they're too close together to run both fast, and I much prefer Hardrock. But given the ~0.7% chance of being selected in both, I think I should put in for both. States is on a 2^(n-1) ticket system like where n=consecutive previous applications, so I can start building up for a few years from now when I'm actually excited about it. (Hardrock is on the same system, only applications don't have to be consecutive.) But hey, if I get picked for both, I guess I use States as a training run, since that's how I roll. (By that I mean, training really inconsistently, signing up for lots of races, ending up being the median finisher, and knowing I could run a lot faster if I trained better.)

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Virginia is for Lovers

I'm in Charlottesville, VA at the moment, visiting at the Center for Open Science. (If you're interested in doing reproducible research, their Open Science Framework tool will likely be helpful.) We had a pretty fascinating meeting with lots of top researchers in the transparency movement earlier this week, which I blogged about it over on the BITSS blog, where' I'll occasionally be writing.