Saturday, August 02, 2014

Stuff I have no use for

  • Standalone GPS units seem to be obsolete. But maybe not for you? I have a Magellan Explorist 500 from 2007, with all the original USB cord, a rechargable battery, a battery cage so you can put three AAA's in instead, and most importantly, an SD card with a large portion of the inter-mountain west pre-loaded. I have the CD (MapSend Topo 3D) with which you could theoretically load the entire USA, but you'd have to have Windows from that era (98, 2000, XP, ME, says the case) to be able to use the software. I'll give it all to you for the cost of shipping, which is probably $7.
  • A full Yakima roofrack setup. I used it only once two years ago for a cross-country move. My new truck has built in racks that don't fit the box, so I'm selling the whole setup. I got it for a '95 4Runner with factory rails, but it obviously fits way more vehicles than that. The complete setup would run you $835 MSRP, I'll sell it for half the cost (see Obviously, only items one and three ship, two and four require pick-up in Berkeley.
Sort of moved into an apartment. It's got some issues, but it's also got great views, and it's only month to month, so I can move on quickly if something nicer pops up or if it doesn't work out. Planning to bike a version of SF's 49 Mile Scenic Drive tomorrow.

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