Sunday, July 20, 2014

The plan, Stan

Got to Isafjordur. Ferry tomorrow (Monday) from nearby Bolungarvik to Hesteryi. Walk the long way around Hornstrandir clockwise and get picked up by ferry Saturday AM from Grunnavik. Fly back to Reykjavík Sunday. Fly home Monday.

I was kind of hoping to walk all the way to Holmavik, but it would be more dirt road walking, and the Strandir (more southeastern) coast is supposedly less spectacular than the reserve at the far northwest, and it added up to too many miles (or at least it was cutting it really close assuming 40km/day).

If I'm lucky maybe I'll see an arctic fox; I'll be disappointed if I don't see puffin and get divebombed by arctic terns. (Iceland is -seriously- lacking in wildlife.)

Got my tide chart ready. Got to buy my return flight, then walk/hitch to the next town over.

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