Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Somewhere between Nýidalur and Landmannalauger

Forty five degrees: probably higher than both the temperature and the angle the rain was coming in at all day today. In the morning we crossed a field of crumbly razor sharp lava covered in moss with a glacial fed river disappearing into it, which I thought was great, even in the rain, but the afternoon was all a really boring dirt road through boring country. Did I mention the rain? Oh well, that's what I expected. On to Landmannalauger and the popular trek there-- we have to haul apples to get there because you can't buy any food at Nýidalur, so we're doing this stretch in 3 days.

And if you're wondering, we crossed neither the Svedja nor the Tungnaá--the ranger at Nýidalur said the Svedja dug itself a channel a few years ago and is a narrow rager now. So we x-countried to the lake and took the dam.

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