Thursday, May 29, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


I just put 3300 miles on a 12' Penske moving truck moving from Swarthmore, PA to Berkeley, CA. Since this was the fourth time I've driven cross-country in the last two years, and the sixth time in my adult life, I had to try and keep things interesting. MRB came along for the ride, and I think we did a good job of avoiding Interstates. George didn't barf a single time, so that's a major plus.

See our route here:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

True Love

George saying goodbye to Aunt Kristin and Pennsylvania.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My favorite pamphlet

Is there such a thing as a free lunch? Can I get a better grade in this class than the one I earned? The answers are all the same.

I also have too many econ t-shirts



2009. Saez won the John Bates Clark, and the Campanile is taller than the Hoover.
That's actually a pretty clever logo for those in the know.
2010 Back

I can't remember the year, front.

I can't remember the year, back.

Swarthmore has nerds, too.
So does NPR.

How Many Race T-shirts Does One Runner Need?

In addition to a mug with a carabiner for a handle, a pint glass with a design made of lead-based paint, a cup, a fleece vest, a visor, two jackets, two tote bags, four belt buckles, 18 coasters, and some water bottles, I have accumulated my fair share of race t-shirts in my nearly 10 years of ultrarunning. I'm moving back to California next week, so it's time to catalog them and throw away/donate the old ones.

The ones that aren't really race T's:

A gift from a friend. A club of which I am not really a member. One of my favorites.

A club of which I was once a member. They only had mediums. Boo.
Same club. Nice people, but still no smalls.
I only have a couple tank tops. Big fan.

I might've walked across the entire country in this thing, but I can't be sure. What I do know is that paying a brand name price for a tech-T is stupid when you can get one from Target for $12.

Smartwool. Itchy.

Smartwool. Not as itchy, but wool definitely doesn't last as long as synthetic, especially if you're wearing a pack.

Basically a plain white tank top worn so much you can no longer tell it was made by Nike. So good.
From 2004. God I was so proud of this one. Several dozen people in the October 2004 Silicon Valley Marathon were wearing one of these.

The orange shirt my dad bought me so I wouldn't get shot while hiking the CDT in hunting season.

Free with some Brooks shoes that I later returned.

The actual Race T's:
2103 Philly Marathon. Because I spent two years of my life in a Philly suburb.
In 2009 I came in third in my age group in PCTR's annual race series. Probably only four people competed. This shirt has a really weird cut to it. Getting trashed.

My favorite park, and one of my best 50k times, but the shirt is so thin it's nearly transparent.

Seriously people. Stop running out of size smalls! Fine, order more mediums and larges than smalls, but it's not rocket science to know that what matters is how many extras you have left over at the end, and I have never once heard anyone at a race say they're out of larges. Obese people, this is all your fault.

Run around in circles for 24 hours, get a free shirt.
Run around in circles for another 24 hours. I still need to break 100 miles at this thing.
This race was brutal.

My first 50-miler, and only my second ultra. It's Dri-release, so it's 15% cotton, and it's getting a little threadbare after 9 years, but I love this guy.

2008 Diablo 50 Miler

2009 Diablo 50 Miler. I've run this race 5 times, then they stopped holding it.
The 100 Milers:
It was 103 degrees when I ran this race, and I ran my fastest time. It's a great shirt, too.

2009 Headlands Hundred. Four 25 mile loops, run washing machine style. I've run way too many races starting and ending at Rodeo Beach now.

This one I only volunteered at.
2011 Badger Mountain 100. This race was, and apparently still is, horribly organized. Do not run it.
Good run with my buddy Nano.
Wasatch. As much as I loved that race, this design is way too large, front and back, to actually be comfortable if worn running.
More Race T's:

2013 JFK 50. Whoever chose the color scheme for this shirt needs to be figuratively dragged out into the street and shot in broad daylight as a warning to t-shirt designers everywhere. Also, there were no size smalls. Zero smalls at the ultra with the largest entry field in the country, which is idiocy.

Neon yellow and purple patriotism close-up!

2011 PCT 50: This one reminds me of a pair of friends I lost.

This is the one in Kenya where I beat Scott Jurek. I never wear it.

White, cotton, simple design. I can wear this one in public!

Some NJ Trail Series 50K I didn't actually run, because my truck got impounded on the way to the race. F--- you, New Jersey.
Seriously, who uses lead paint on a pint glass, or anything that goes anywhere near food?

OK, good. Now I can get rid of half of these.