Friday, April 18, 2014

Bend, OR

I spent a weekend in Bend, OR. Unfortunately there was a smudge on my camera lens the whole time. I had a fun time visiting friends, meeting new folks, running around Smith Rock State Park, and sweeping the course of the Peterson Ridge Rumble 40 mile race outside Sisters, OR. The race course was fairly flat and the views weren't as good as Smith Rock, but it was a well-organized race. Coincidentally I ran into the race director last month when we ran R2R2R on the same day.
This was pretty standard. Dry ponderosa(?) pine forest with very little understory growth.

Smith Rock State Park


The view west from Smith Rock

South, Middle, and North Sisters

More Smith Rock

A nice place to rest during the race

Smith Rock run:

Peterson Ridge course sweeping. The course had a couple mile loop at the beginning I didn't bother to do since I was sweeping the course, not racing. Even if I had, I still think the course is a mile or so shy of 40. Whatever. Still good training for Miwok 100k in a few weeks.

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