Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Ran from rim to rim to rim of the Grand Canyon. Took me 12:12. I
couldn't even walk because I was so sore from Cactus to Clouds, so I'm
pretty happy with my performance. It was a really fun run. I went down
South Kaibab, up and back down North Kaibab (which is fun and
runnable) and then up Bright Angel (which wasn't quite as runnable as
N. Kaibab, given both steepness and it being at the end of a long

I think I'll go check out Flagstaff tomorrow. I did 10,000+ feet of
climbing Monday, and 15,000+ today, so it would only make sense if I
did 20,000+ by climbing that big mountain outside Flag three times on
Friday, but I am confident that is not going to happen. I'm a little
worried that if I stop walking my calf is going to cramp and will
never come undone. Oh well.

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