Thursday, March 20, 2014

In Summary

I went to LA and ran in the Santa Monica mountains. Then I watched Nano run the LA marathon, and Icut through a bike u-lock on Venice Beach. Then I ran from 500 feet elevation in Palm Springs, CA to 10,300 feet elevation at the top of San Jacinto and back down. Then I drove through J Tree on my way to the Grand Canyon, where I ran rim to rim to rim in 12 hours. Then I did a bit of nothing on Humphreys Peak outside Flagstaff and in Warm Springs Wilderness outside Kingman. Then I climbed a couple small peaks in Mojave National Preserve. Then I went to a development economics conference. Then I ran some in the Malibu mountains.

 That's all. Back to work. A few photos are below, more are here.

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